San Francisco lesbian inspires confidence one shirt at a time

Melissa Millan is the Founder and CEO of Androgyny

Androgyny Founder and CEO
Melissa Millan, July 18, 2012

Melissa Millan has reinvented the button-down shirt. After years of struggling to find clothes that fit both her body and queer identity Millan founded Androgyny, a fit solution company aimed at serving the underserved lesbian demographic.

Based in San Francisco, Millan has worked tirelessly over the last year to develop shirts that provide a “classic style with a revolutionary fit” in hopes of offering women an alternative to their present somewhat limited choices betweeen often overly feminine garb or ill-fitted and over-sized menswear.

In deveoping her handcrafted line of all-cotton button-downs, Millan drew inspiration from her own experiences, recalling the frustrations she’d felt while searching for clothes that would allow her to feel both authentic and comfortable—and ultimately confident—while wearing them.

Millan now stands ready to introduce the Androgyny product line to the masses, having completed samples, developed a demand and established brand identity. In order to fund her initial production run Millan has turned to Kickstarter and hopes to attract $20,000 in funding by July 23.

“Your gift will help us on multiple levels,” explained Millan. “First, it will serve as a vote of confidence in our vision. Second, it will allow us to pre-sell part of our inventory build to our Kickstarter supporters. Third, it will allow us to produce a varied assortment of colors and styles providing our consumers the choice of expression that they are so desperately seeking. Finally, you will be empowering women.”

With incentives offered for the various donation levels from $5 – $1,000+, the Adrogyny Kickstarter project sounds like a win-win for lesbians looking to find a modern fit in a premium shirt.

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