‘Real-Life Love Stories’: We are what love looks like

Welcome to the Valentine’s Day special instalment of Lesbian.com’s February Love Special, Real-Life Love Stories! Every week this month, we will be posting love stories submitted by our readers. Want to share your story?

Comedian Sandra Valls and the love of her life Jackie of Los Angeles are a powerhouse couple. From their very first date, their love has been a force of nature, hotter than Hades, the kind of one in a million connection that is the basis for every great love story. Sandra answered Lesbian.com’s prying questions, letting us into what makes their love just so incredible.

Sandra and Jackie kissing

Sandra, left, and Jackie, doing what they do best.

When/how did you meet?

We met at work. I had just moved to Los Angeles and was working as a greeter at a career college and Jackie was an assistant director of admissions. I would see her walking to and from the elevator every day. She was always laughing and positive and beautiful and glowing and wow! I would think, “I want a girlfriend just like her!”

Who asked who out? What was your first date like?

I finally asked her out for a drink after work. It was a spontaneous, impulsive decision. I just blurted it out. I had to know what all this flirting was about! Was it innocent flirting or was she really into me? We went to this really cool, cozy bar in Silver Lake called the Lucky Bar (no pun intended) and I tried to impress her by ordering “that blue drink with the umbrella in it.” I’m more of a jack and coke girl but I thought, “This is the kind of fancy girl who likes that kind of fancy drink. I don’t know!” Don’t judge me. I was nervous. So I ordered a blue drink for both of us… then another and another. I don’t know how many blue drinks we had. All I know is that the minute we walked out that bar we attacked each other and were fiercely making out, against parked cars, rolling to the pavement, slamming each other onto the car hoods…my shirt was torn and filthy from rubbing against car doors. It was an earth-shattering first date and first kiss. We still make out like savages!

Wow! So, what do you love most about her, besides the kissing?

Her spirit. I see her spirit. I connect to it. And that’s all encompassing.

How did you know she was “the one”?

I knew she was the one because we are a perfect, beautiful balance. Where I lack, she provides and vice versa. We truly enjoy, delight, enhance, support, motivate, love, and uplift each other. When Jackie came into my life I felt so much more alive than I had ever felt. She opened my eyes to possibility. That’s very powerful. She reminded me that I was amazing. You know when you see a snow globe? There’s glitter at the bottom of the globe. It isn’t until someone comes and shakes it up that it truly comes alive. Jackie came and shook my glitter. I wanted to immerse and delight in the joys, passion, and fun that this wonderful life has to offer and share it all with her. I rejoiced in being alive and awake with the knowledge, courage, and strength to create and mold our lives however way we wanted. She came into my life and polished up the dull, tarnished parts of me that I had either ignored or forgotten that I had. She polished them up until I was so shiny, beautiful and glowing again. This is not to say that I didn’t have it going on before her nor that I wouldn’t have had it going on if I hadn’t met her. This is to say that I felt safe enough to allow our love to transform her and me into US. The journey of my life is even brighter, easier, more enjoyable with her in it and I look forward to even more evolution in the future.

What have you experienced together that has made you solid? Have you endured any hardship that you’re comfortable sharing that has cemented your bond?

I wouldn’t say there was any one hardship but many little ones throughout our lives. We have cemented our bond by how we navigate through all these little challenges. We are raising kids together (no small feat) and we are constantly involved and invested in all aspects of their growth. We navigate the challenges in our careers. We are both very, very spiritual and actively encourage and involve ourselves with each other’s spiritual evolution. We are also constantly working on improving our communication skills with each other. We are both very independent women who believe in having our own lives as well. We don’t believe in “losing” yourself in relationship. I have my own interests, friends, hobbies, alone time and she has hers. We choose to grow and evolve with each other and separately.

Who are each of you?  And who are you together?

I am a comedian, actor, singer, songwriter, mother, writer and great girlfriend. I am the organizer of the family and am very detail-oriented. I am the road trip planner, a night owl, the one you call in an emergency. I am courageous, playful, kind, caring and honest to a fault. I am loyal, reliable and will protect you with my life. I can’t stand injustice. It infuriates me. My philosophy is live in truth. You get what you put out.

She is a renaissance woman. She is a designer, stylist, writer, Reiki healer, Zumba instructor, entrepreneur, mother, daughter and the most amazing partner in the world. She is a go-getter, a motivator, an early bird, a mover and a shaker. She is loyal, positive, motivating, loving, sexy, supportive, strong and courageous. She rises with the sun and starts her day with a burst of energy! Her philosophy is whatever you want you can have. Whatever you need is within you. Love yourself first.

We are leaders and role models. We are what love looks like.

You can learn more about Sandra’s comedy on her website, WeLoveSandra.com

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    INSPIRATIONAL! I love these two women! This is definitely what love looks like!
    You two look simply marvelous together! <3


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