‘Real-Life Love Stories’: Sweet, sweet love!

Just a few more instalments of our February love special, Real-Life Love Stories! Every week this month, we have been posting love stories submitted by our readers. Next month, we’ll be featuring queer women (and allies) who are making history — or herstory!

Meet Samantha and Alexa, soul-mates who got together 16 years after they met. The ladies now run the family catering business and started their own gourmet specialties division, focusing on sweet delights with organic ingredient and minimal processing. Now that’s delicious!

Lesbian couple in chef coats

Alexa, left, and Samantha, right, sweethearts for life!

My life partner Alexa and I met in the 1980s when I went to work for her dad in the family catering business, Lemleys’ Catering. It was love at first sight. Even though she was only 14, Alexa knew that we were soul-mates meant to spend our lives together. I was the holdout. Still, we were inseparable until I went away to college.

While we remained friends throughout the years, I remained afraid to commit to her as a partner. Sixteen years after we first met, I moved back home and rejoined Alexa working in the family business. One day she looked at me and told me that she had enough of my crap, and I needed to realize that we were meant to share our lives together. That was almost eight years ago. We have been a couple ever since.

We still continue to live and work together. When Alexa’s father retired, we assumed operation of the family business and added our own division: 240sweet (www.240sweet.com). We make gourmet marshmallows, salts, sugars and extracts. This month, we are making a big move to a new location of the family business better for visitors to come see us. It has been a lot of hard work to grow and change. Both Alexa and I agree that we make each other better people. Life is so exciting!

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