‘Queer Objectivity’: The art of bodies and objects

 Image: L.J Roberts, Censorship Protest Mask (David Wojnarowicz), embroidery on cotton, 17" x 15", 2011

Image: L.J Roberts, Censorship Protest Mask (David Wojnarowicz), embroidery on cotton, 17″ x 15″, 2011

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Queer Objectivity,”  curated by genderqueer artist Kris Grey at the Stamp Gallery at the University of Maryland at College Park, is an exhibition that brings together 16 emerging and established artists diverse in their identities, experiences, materials and approaches. Some of the artwork exhibited addresses the body in relation to objects. Others may present the body as an object itself. Still further, some work presents objects as conduit for the body to another realm. There will be a range of artwork displayed including photography, sculpture, performance and new media.

“Recent scholarship in material studies and phenomenology has challenged the traditional notion that human bodies are stable entities divorced from other objects in the material world,” Grey writes in an introductory statement. “The elevation of queer theory to academic prominence and the emergence of new types of feminism have further complicated the separation between personal and political — bodies and objects. Materially, the human body is comprised of separate, interacting, individual elements and forces that are often reduced to being seen as one. So too, the intricacies of bodies and their relationship to other objects, animated or not, get flattened into a binaristic body/other dichotomy.”

The exhibit runs through Dec. 6. The Stamp Gallery is on the first floor of the Adele H. Stamp Student Union-Center for Campus Life at the University of Maryland at College park.

For more information, visit The Stamp Gallery‘s website.

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