Nicole Conn walks in beauty


“She Walks in Beauty” is lesbian filmmaker Nicole Conn‘s latest venture. Along with singer/songwriter Jen Foster, who contributed to the soundtrack and to “Elena Undone,” Conn recently caught up with radio personality Dana Brenklin to discuss the project and the process.

Conn describes her latest labor of love as “epic.” “She Walks in Beauty” has been in the making for two decades. Set to be released in early 2014, the script was written right after Conn’s first movie “Claire of The Moon” but with little funding available at the time, she went on to write the novel.

The process she says, is really her greatest driving force and she strives to make quality and wonderful stories for the lesbian community.

A bit unlike when Conn first started writing the script, this time around she’s had a lot of help, from branding, to casting, to assistance from the LA Gay and Lesbian Center. Casting abroad will start in January of 2014, but don’t worry, fan: she will be casting in Los Angeles and New York as well.

When asked about raising children and balancing life, the mother, writer and living legend said she doesn’t always feel like she is doing it well, especially when her daughter says “no more work mommy!” Conn’s film “Little Man” touches on her family life and her very special little boy who was born prematurely. An inspiring film, it will certainly pull your heart strings.

“Love is a very universal message,” says musician Foster, and “She Walks in Beauty” will undoubtedly be a great love story. Conn doesn’t just write for lesbians or the gay community. She tells human stories, acting as a voice for all who listen, all who appreciate their story being told.

“She Walks in Beauty,” Conn’s sixth endeavor, will show no signs of her slowing down. See you at the Oscars.

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