News: Suze Orman to feature marriage equality episode tonight

Suze Orman show to focus on marriage, June 23, 2012

Tonight’s episode of “The Suze Orman Show” will focus on marriage equality and the financial reasons it is so important. The show will air at 9pm ET on CNBC.

In a preview of the show Orman said, “Here I sit in front of you. A 61-year-old woman who has been gay my entire life. Who has been in a committed relationship for the past 12 years. And I will die in this relationship a woman who pays more taxes than most, that is a contributing member to the economy in more ways than most, yet, I am not treated equally.”

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  1. Barb Elgin

    Did anyone see the show? I didn’t know it was on till today. I do know that having someone as ‘mainstream’ and ‘high profile’ as Suze Orman will educate the masses in a way that should help the cause.

    • candy

      I was able to catch the episode. Orman spent approximatley one-third of the show addressing marriage equality, opening with a list of very compelling financial reasons that gay couples should be able to marry (e.g., social security benefits, estate inheritance taxes, etc.). She then moved on to speak with a lesbian couple who were asking how best to balance the financial aspect of their relationship when one of them had substantial debt and the other had been the one who adopted their children and was, as a result, the only one receiving the financial benefits thereof. She advised that, despite the fact that they weren’t married – their home state of Arizona doesn’t permit it – if they were committed to each other they should treat their money as “one” and behave as if they were married. She made a few recommendations to the couple as to how they can improve their situation and really lit into (no pun intended) the woman with the debt as she apparently spends $300-$400/month on cigarettes. She demanded she stop and put those funds toward her medical and student loan debt. Would love to see a follow up to know if the woman took her advice; she certainly didn’t seem too thrilled about the idea while on camera.


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