Nelly & Nadine: A love story for the ages

Well, I’m back from vacation, but am I back back? Yeah, not really. But I am back enough to recommend a documentary I watched over my break that will remind you how important it is to share LGBTQ+ history through the ages. Honestly, stories like “Nelly & Nadine” are one of the reasons the Right Wing fascists fights so hard to censor what is taught in our schools. Because if you teach people about the genuine love, bravery and talent of everyday LGBTQ+ people, it will be so much harder for them to get people to hate us. And then who could they scapegoat to win elections?

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NELLY & NADINE is the unlikely and harrowing love story between Belgian classical singer, Nelly Mousset-Vos and Nadine Hwang, the daughter of a Chinese ambassador to Spain. Nelly and Nadine meet in the darkest of times on Christmas Eve, 1944. Through their newly recovered personal diaries and Super-8 home movies, NELLY & NADINE takes audiences on a personal journey through the nearly forgotten history of one of the greatest love stories never told.

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