Meet adorable YouTube couple Ace & G

Ace & G (Ashley and Gina) are a fun-loving, lesbian couple who met online 11 years ago. They survived their long distance relationship and are now living together in Los Angeles, CA – documenting their lives through their daily vlog channel on YouTube. They have been filming and posting a video every day for almost one and a half years now. Make sure to subscribe to see what they do tomorrow!

Follow Ace & G on Twitter, or check out Ace’s channel or Gina’s channel for bonus videos.

4 Responses to “Meet adorable YouTube couple Ace & G”

  1. Lisa

    I love Ace and G they are such awesome sauce and everyone should watch them!

  2. Daniel

    I love Ace and G! I’ve watched everyone of their videos! They are part of my routine, I have to watch my AceAndG before I can go to sleep at night!

  3. Staci

    anyone and everyone should check out their daily vlogs on YouTube. I’ve been a follower for a year and I’m super glad I ran across their videos. My life wouldn’t be the same without watching Ace and G everyday!! Their awesome sauce!! 🙂


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