Meet Transgender Vacations Founder Stephanie Land at Girls That Roam Mixer

Stephanie Land

Transgender Vacation Founder, Stephanie Land


Mixer alert! San Fransisco and Bay Area trans guys and girls, there’s an awesome mixer coming up on January 21st that revolves around travel. Transgender Vacations founder, Stephanie Land, is hosting the mixer for transpeople and their friends in order to get the word out about her company. Transgender Vacations is trans-owned and operated.

“San Francisco has a big trans community that I want to be a part of. I also want to people know that transgender people do travel and that Transgender Vacations is for trans travelers,” said Land, who is excited about introducing Transgender Vacations to San Francisco. “It’s time for Transgender Travel.”

“We all want to enjoy life,” adds Land. “Why not do it traveling together to wonderful places?”

The mixer will specifically discuss the company’s 3rd Annual Caribbean cruise as well as a river cruise along the Danube.
This is the very first event of 2016 for Girls that Roam. Heather Cassell, publisher and editor of Girls That Roam and travel counselor at Girls That Roam Travel. Cassell said about the event:
“We are excited to open our first Go Roam event of the New Year with Stephanie of Transgender Vacations. The transgender community is hitting a tipping point in terms of acceptance and visibility, but there is still a need for culturally sensitive travel opportunities that put the community first. Transgender Vacations is trans-owned and -operated by Stephanie who has exciting plans for travel for transgender and other gender variant travel.”

Need to attend? Here are the deets:

When: January 21, 5:30-7:30 PM

Where: Qulture Collective, 1714 Franklin Street in Oakland.

How: To attend Go Roam with Transgender Vacations, please RSVP at or

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