Meet the top 50 out LGBT executives

Beth Brooke

Beth Brooke of Ernst & Young (Photo: Ken Lennox)


The Financial Times, in collaboration with OUTstanding in Business, have compiled a list of the top 50 out LGBT executives. HSBC’s head of UK banking, Antonio Simoes, leads the list while Ernst & Young’s Global vice-chair of public policy, Beth Brooke, comes in second.  The criteria included considerations of leadership, a look at where the individual sits within the organization, how close they are to the the group or chief executive, how open they are at work and in the public sphere, their contribution to LGBT causes, their relative professional success and how far they have gone in challenging stereotypes in business.

“I believe that business leaders need to be themselves, both inside and outside their professional working environment, to provide authentic leadership,” OUTstanding in Business founder Suki Sandhu told the FyneTimes. “The phenomenal quality of our Top 50 list proves that you can come out and succeed professionally without being held back by your sexuality.”


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