Mary Lambert: The voice behind ‘Same Love’

Mary Lambert

Mary Lambert (Photo: Mocha Charlie)


Mary Lambert comes from the land of Cornish College of the Arts and is a renowned songstress and award winning spoken word artist in her own right. But until recently, the world hadn’t heard much of Lambert. Her collaboration with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis on the new single, “Same Love” (which Lambert co-wrote with Macklemore), has put her on the map in big bold letters. The video is now closing in on 10 million views on YouTube. It went viral when reports surfaced of a Michigan grade-schooler performing arts teacher was suspended without pay for showing the video to her classroom. The video, and the song, details the life of a gay man’s life from birth to death. Now, meet the woman behind the angel-like voice.

Curve: What does it feel like to know that the song Same Love has gone viral?
Lambert: It’s surreal. It’s all surreal. Especially with how quickly things have blown up. I think we anticipated a lot of hometown rally in Seattle, with our big election for gay marriage, but not the worldwide reaction we received. As the response kept growing, I had a series of epiphanies. The main one being that ‘Same Love’ was not about my ego. I was excited about pushing my career forward, but I quickly learned that this was an anthem for a society in transition, and had nothing to do with me. It was about civil rights and tackling homophobia head on. I am grateful every day to be apart of something so important.

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