Lesbians rescue feral cats in Mexico

Standing at the operating table, holding a feral cat’s uterus in clamps, I thought, “I have the best job ever!”

On Sweet’s recent Isla Mujeres resort vacation, we did our most biggest project yet: Trapping, steriziling and releasing 21 feral cats in a three-part, three-day project.

Before we left for Isla Mujeres, Sweeties (as travelers with Sweet are called), two nurses and one super awesome veterinarian teamed up to rustle up the supplies and the cash to get this job done.

Once we got there, we joined with four of the island’s most fierce defenders of cats, Lupita, Josefina, Paloma and Mildred, to capture these wild felines. While they look all cute and fuzzy, they are not like the housecats we’re used to in the United States. As soon as the trap closes on them, they are all hisses and teeth and claws. Oddly, they calm down immediately when you cover the cage with a towel.

Cats love lesbians as much as lesbians love cats, so we caught them pretty quickly. We took them back to the vet’s office where we marked them by the location where we found them.

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Shannon Wentworth is CEO and founding partner of Sweet as well as serving as Lesbian.com’s chief technology officer.

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