Lesbian-friendly honeymoon spots

hawaii-lesbian-weddingBY NATASIA LANGFELDER

The way I see it, the honeymoon was invented so that couples could have a sanity check after all the chaos of wedding planning. There’s nothing better after months of sweating the details together than to get away with your new spouse and laugh over all the highs and the lows. After all, when you are lying on a beach with a margarita even that moment when your Uncle Pete spilled his red wine on your wedding dress will seem funny.

Obviously, your honeymoon should be fun, stress-free and safe. That’s why it’s important to select an LGBT friendly destination in which to engage in your standard newlywed PDA. It’s also great to “vote with your wallet” and spend your dollars in places that support the LGBT community.

We’ve put together this list of six fun and LGBT-friendly destinations perfect for your dream post-wedding getaway.


Hawaii is awesome because they are proponents of marriage equality and it’s part of the United States so you don’t need a passport to get there. Also, it’s absolutely gorgeous. If you want to kick back and have a no-fuss, beach-filled vacation this is the place for you. You can also tap into your adventurous side with a surfing lesson or by visiting a volcano.


Remember Canada? It was where gay people use to go to get legally married before we finally started to win the fight for equality here at home. If you’re into winter sports, check out one of the many beautiful resorts that offer skiing and snowboarding.


Same-sex marriage has been legal in Spain since 2005. There are numerous bars and restaurants that cater to the gay clientele all over Madrid, Barcelona, Sitges and Ibiza. Spain offers a good mix of relaxation and adventure. Couples can spend a few days at the beach and also travel between cities easily by rail to do some hardcore sightseeing.


Sao Paola, Brazil is famous for throwing the largest pride parade in the world, the “Parada de Orgulho GLBT de Sao Paulo.” The week before the parade itself, which is held on a Sunday, is chock-full of pride parties and events. If you and your love are party people, this is your scene.


Paris is the city of love, so of course they have marriage equality laws in place. While France is a little bit of a cliche for honeymooning couples, some things are cliche for a reason. Divide your time up and spend half of it touring the city of Paris and then head down south to experience the beautiful countryside and vineyards. This is also a great pick for wine lovers.


Iceland quietly started recognizing same-sex marriage in 2010. Lately, Iceland is working on getting the word out about their tourism business. If adventure is your bag, go to Iceland with your beloved and climb a glacier, bathe in the romantic glow of the Northern Lights and then soak up some culture by visiting a museum or two.

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