Lesbian couple, together 40 years, denied marriage license

Huffington Post Gay Voices

Carole Kaiser and Mary Burson have been together for 40 years, raised eight children and have a total of 13 grandchildren — and North Carolina still won’t allow them get married. Accompanied by their reverend, two of their children and a crowd of approximately 70 supporters, Kaiser and Burson entered the Henderson County Register of Deeds office to apply for a marriage license Oct. 2, despite the state’s constitutional ban on same-sex marriage.

Kaiser and Burson’s attempt to apply for a marriage license occurred in conjunction with the “WE DO Campaign,” an initiative pioneered by the Campaign for Southern Equality in response to the inability of same-sex couples to legally get married in the majority of southern states. It functions by staging high-visibility attempts by same-sex couples to apply for marriage licenses despite state legislation declaring such unions illegal.

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