Lesbian artist creates fundraising jewelry for Orlando

orlando jewelry tributeFrom the artist:
To honor each life that was ended prematurely, I stamp each person’s name on silver. I then form each one into a circle and finished them with a dark patina.

It is my intention that these go out into the world and help keep the conversation about gun control in America going. The pieces are intended to be individual pendants.

If you would like to participate, you can purchase these for $100 each. You will receive a chain with your piece and can begin wearing it. ALL of my proceeds will go to the fight for stricter gun control.
As they are worn the dark patina will fade and the names will emerge and be surrounded by silver. I want their memory to be kept alive. This is my attempt to imagine, that out of this horror, we can create a brighter, better, safer future.

To order, email angela@jewelrytoolery.com.

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