Launch of ‘Entangled With You’ web series

(Screenshot via Curve)

(Screenshot via Curve)


Down-to-earth lesbian shacks up with perky straight girl in this roommate-relationship dramedy. Created by Caryn K. Hayes, an award-winning writer, director and producer, this new web series is racking up praise for its charming characters and heartfelt moments.

After evicting her boyfriend for giving her an STD, cupcake-baking Alisha (Kathryn J. Taylor) fills the empty apartment with lesbian songwriter Jaliyah (Loren Lillian). The two women get off on a rocky start — Jaliyah overhears Alisha’s VD crisis, and Alisha gets tongue-tied over Jaliyah’s surprise lez life. What’s more, Jaliyah’s own her girlfriend takes off for a year-long dance tour. Entwined by mutual heartache, the new roomies are pushed into a surprising bond.

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