Lambda Literary Awards finalists announced

A prestigious "Lammy" award, given to authors of LGBT literature.

A prestigious “Lammy” award, given to authors of LGBT literature.


Finalists for the Lambda Literary Awards were announced Wednesday by the Lambda Literary Foundation (LLF) in Los Angeles. Books from major mainstream publishers, from academic presses, from both long-established and new LGBT publishers, as well as from emerging publish-on-demand technologies, make up the 687 submissions for the “Lammys.”

One of the finalists in the LGBT History category is publisher/writer/editor Tracy Baim. Her tome, “Gay Press, Gay Power: The Growth of LGBT Community Newspapers in America” is a fan favorite. Among the book’s writers: Sarah Toce, Owen Keehnen, Yasmin NairSukie de la CroixJohn D’EmilioJorjet HarperWilliam B. Kelley,  Kirk Williamson,  Marie J. Kuda, C. Todd White,  Margaret Rubick, Maida Tilchen, Allen Young, Karen OcambChuck Colbert, Lisa Keen and others.

Links to tickets and the complete list of finalists can be found at

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