Jen Foster’s New Album Is Almost Here!


Those of us who guiltily danced around our living rooms singing along to Katy Perry’s “I Kissed A Girl” could all dance guilt-free when Jen Foster released her tongue-in-cheek, catchy as hell response “I Didn’t Just Kiss Her”. The unapologetically filthy song, about how it feels to be on the receiving end of a straight girl’s curiosity, is a total anthem. That was back in 2009 and fans have been waiting to hear a full length album from Foster for the last six years. That wait is about to be over, because a new Jen Foster album is about to drop in two weeks – and it’s a pretty special one.

Recorded at the White Room, the Hollywood studio where she laid down popular singles “I Didn’t Just Kiss Her” and “Venice Beach”, The White Room Sessions will be a double album of unreleased songs, reworkings of previously released tracks and covers, including Journey’s “Faithfully”.

Speaking of her hiatus in the pledge video, Foster says,

I just hit a point recently where I just really needed to take a break and re-prioritize everything in my life and get back to what was truly important to me. Everybody needs a vacation!

The campaign to fund the release is already 105% funded, with 15 days to go, but Foster is keen to reach 125%. 10% of the proceeds from the pledges will go to two charities close to her heart, Bonaparte’s Retreat Dog Rescue and The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. There’s an impressive list of perks on offer, particularly for the higher pledges. You can get your hands on some of Foster’s cherished items, like the outfit she wore on the cover of her debut album or her Les Paul guitar. There are also some outside-the-box perks on offer, like dinner with Foster, a personalised song and a solo house performance. Just imagine dancing around your living room to a live acoustic rendition of “I Didn’t Just Kiss Her”!

You can check out the campaign here.

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