Israel unveils memorial for LGBT holocaust victims

LGBT Holocaust Memorial

(Photo: Moti Milrod)


On January 10, Israel officially unveiled a new memorial, dedicated to the LGBT victims of the Holocaust; located in its capital, Tel Aviv, it’s the first memorial in Israel specifically recognizing non-Jewish victims of the Nazis. The monument features a concrete triangle containing a second pink triangle, in remembrance of the symbol used by the Nazis to mark homosexuals, and the re-appropriation of that symbol as a source of pride for the LGBT community.

Though Israel has countless memorials to Jewish victims of the Holocaust, seventy years later, openly gay Tel Aviv councilman Eran Lev decided it was time to remember how many others were victims of the death camps. He told press, “The significance here is that we are recognizing that there were other victims of the Holocaust, not just Jews.” Other groups targeted included communists, Slavs, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Romani, and the disabled.


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