Inside Out: Back in time with Susan Mikula

Mazak Photography

When you hear the name Susan Mikula, it always seems to be paired with the celebrity of her partner, MSNBC news anchor Rachel Maddow. But Mikula deserves recognition in her own right—she is a photographer whose work has been shown in galleries in New York, Massachusetts and San Francisco.

Unlike most contemporary photographers who rely on the latest technology, Mikula has chosen to go back in time, using antiquated techniques and tools like pinhole cameras and Polaroid film to create her pieces. Thus, her work, in addition to having an ethereal quality also serves as a retrospective of photographic methods.

I took these photos during Susan Mikula’s exhibition in San Francisco  at the George Lawson Gallery. It was a well-attended vernissage complete with sales of her works accompanied by high fives from her long-term partner, Rachel Maddow.

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