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Are you dreading Valentine’s Day? For those who don’t yet know what to get their significant other and might be light on ideas, money, or time—first, let’s admit it: Valentine’s Day is one of the toughest holidays to plan. It’s the one day out of the year focusing solely on love, romance, and couples. The ads are flying with hearts, candy, flowers, and cards. We can’t get away from it, so we might as well embrace it as best we can.

Want to do something different? Here’s a few tips for the book lover that might help. I’ve looked through our stacks at Sapphire Books Publishing and picked out some sweet romances, romances with steamy love scenes and romances guaranteed to make your lover blush. Of course, these are only a few of the fantastic romance books with a HEA, happy-ever-after published at Sapphire. So, if your girl isn’t into reading, it’s okay. She might be after this.

Tip No. 1: Romantic curves ahead

Read something romantic to her! What’s romantic? My friend, romance is in the eye of the beholder. Now, I want you to think about this—what is the end result? A great romp between the sheets? Do you want to show her how much you love her? Perhaps, you want to share your love of books with her. You need to know your goal so you can pick out what to read. Will she respond to something erotic, or romantic? Is it leather and whips, or is it sweet romance where lovers explore each other’s bodies in a gentle, loving way? Knowing that first is the biggest hurdle.

So, find a book, ebook or print. Hint: as long as the ebook doesn’t need to be read from a computer, you’re good here. Now, have her close her eyes as you read. If appropriate, ask her to visualize the characters as you and her. This might be a good time to experiment with roles, and maybe switch them up. Whether it’s romance or erotica, pick out your favorite chapter and read it to her. If it’s too long, pick out your favorite scene. There are lots of great books out there with awesome chemistry between characters.
Whether it’s Addison M. Conley’s debut novel, Falling for Love, or Linda North’s “Wind and Dreams,” there are scenes in these books that singe the pages. Maybe your lover has an interest in a particular subject—for example, cooking and food—you can check out Shannon Harris’s new novel, Add Romance and Mix. Find out what her interests are and look for books that combine both of those things. Love and … you get the idea. If kink is her forte, check out American Yakuza I or II by me, Isabella. You’ll find some hot bondage scenes in this series that will not only spark a fire, but she might even ask you to read them again. Oh, and you don’t need a bondage club or lots of extra rope to do a faux-bondage reenactment. Just use your imagination. However, make sure your lover is up for this if you’re acting out a scene. A safe word might make her feel better about what you are about to embark on. Also, don’t judge if she says no to the extreme—it’s what gets both your motors running that makes the night a romantic success. Finding what works for the two of you is the key to a magic Valentine’s night.

Tip No. 2: Practice makes perfect

Practice your reading. Break out the book way before Valentine’s Day and read the passage. Read it over and over again. You want to be able to emphasis words: knowing them by heart so you can look into her eyes when you recite them will help you make a connection. She’ll be watching your lips as you push out every huff, moan, and sigh. So, do yourself a favor and make it look effortless.

Tip No. 3: Caution: Could be addictive

This tip is only for the adventurous among you. Act out your favorite scene from a book. Think about it, the author has already done their research— so now all you have to do is put it to use. Okay, so maybe you don’t have a cutlass or a sword at your disposal, but think of all the fun ways you can recreate settings from your favorite book. Candles, dinner, a bubble bath (just about every book has a hot bath scene), a trip to the adult store, or even those old neckties you have lying around for those kinky moments— these simple touches won’t cost an arm and a leg, and will go a long way to setting the scene and impressing your girl. Improvise. Trust me, taking a chance might end up being the best choice you’ve ever made—outside of choosing your partner.

Tip No. 4: More practice

See tip #2. Practice, practice, practice. She’s going to love it because you went to all this trouble to come up with a romantic night so completely different than anything she’s experienced before. You’ll get your swagger on by being prepared, and knowing that what’s coming next is so outside the norm of your routine that it could change your bedroom—for the better—forever.

Tip No. 5: BYOB

Write your own romance scene. Break out a piece of paper, a good pen, and think about how special she is to you. Often, we writers are inspired by our own wives and lovers when we write a romantic scene. While it may seem harder than it looks, if you’ve read romance books, you might be surprised to find out how easy it really is. Now, if you have a hard time reading a graphic—or mildly graphic—sex scene, then don’t write one. So, what do you do then? Think of the most romantic evening, day, or time you’ve spent together, write it out, and then read it to her. Craft a story around it and give voice to it. The craft of letter writing has fallen by the wayside, but think about how you feel when you receive a card or letter in the mail. The same excitement holds true for a romantic note. So, I want you to think about the payoff here. Not in sexual terms, but in a way that can be special for you both. Writing about how much you love her will make her feel special. Make it more personal than the short little quip you put in one of those cheesy Valentine’s Day cards. The benefits you reap in the short term may uncover the key to many more in the future for your relationship.

Now, find your favorite book and get practicing. I’ve added a couple of links below to books that might help you on your voyage of exploration. Sign-up for our newsletter to keep up with all the new releases coming in 2018. If you need more inspiration check out: Sapphire Books Publishing

Falling for Love by Addison M. Conley – Check out chapter – Chapter 13

Add Romance and Mix by Shannon M. Harris – Check out chapter – Chapter 22
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Wind and Dreams by Linda North – Check out chapter – Chapter 28
American Yakuza I
American Yakuza II by Isabella – Both books are loaded with hot and steamy ideas
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Isabella is a bestselling author of over thirteen novels. She writes everything from kink, suspense, fantasy, to romance. Her next novel, “Twisted Deception,” comes out this June.

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