‘Highly desirable’ LGBT employees coming out more

Rainbow suitcasesBY EOIN COOPER MARSH

A recent study shows that its not just entertainment stars now being open about their sexuality. The Center for Talent Innovation found that an increasing number of LGBT workers are coming out as gay in their office environment. The statistics now show that 59 percent of LGBT workers in the US have come out at the office. This is a 7 percent increase from a similar finding in 2011.

The study also highlights how LGBT employees equate to a “highly desirable labor pool.” Figures show that they are better educated, which is evidenced by the fact that 48 percent of gay respondents to the survey have graduate degrees compared with 40 percent of
heterosexual counterparts. Tony Moraga, Director of Operations at StartOut, an organization focusing on building and fostering entrepreneurship said, “I think we’re also seen as better candidates because of our diverse interests and experiences which enable us to really think outside the box and challenge the norm.”

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