Hidden costs of using a sperm donor

Doctor with stethoscopeBY LIBBY KANE

Many women experience fertility problems severe enough to require medical assistance (or don’t have male partners); a solid 1% of babies in the United States are born using assistive reproductive technology, which includes elaborate procedures such as IVF. In the past, we’ve discussed the costs of freezing your eggs (which can run up to about $20,000) and the price of IVF, which is about $12,000 per cycle if you use your own genetic material. Although obtaining donor sperm is about $500, the costs can run much deeper.

Artificial insemination is a viable, often-used option for those looking at alternate methods of conception. We aim to bring to these issues to light not to harp on the difficulties of the process, but to bring awareness to the factors that need to be considered so you and those you love can have the best chance at a safe and healthy family.

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