Hesta Prynn’s new EP hits all the right spots

Musician Hesta Prynn

The multi-talented Hesta Prynn, aka Julie Potash


Hesta Prynn, the sexually fluid musician, fashionista and TV Host, recently released a three-song EP, “We Could Fall in Love.” A group of songs which could really only be described as bomb dance-tracks give a nod to dub-step and have a fair share of booty shaking beats. “I think the entire idea of putting out a full album is a bit dated at this point. I’d rather put out EPs quarterly,” Prynn says. “I chose three songs I was excited about that exemplified the direction I’m moving in as a writer.”

The first track on the EP, “Beside Myself,” has a sexy dub-step vibe. “There is definitely a nod to dub step on that track,” Prynn agrees. “I really enjoyed watching the development, transformation and constant reinvention of this genre over the course of the past few years. I wanted to acknowledge my enjoyment of it by dipping a toe in before the moment has completely passed.”

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