Heather Connell focuses her lens on untold stories


One thing you should know about documentary filmmaker Heather Connell — always expect her to surprise (and educate and inform) you. A passionate activist for social change, she founded her company, Displaced Yankee Productions, as a platform for awakening social consciousness and promoting political activism through entertainment. “As a gay woman, I certainly recognize our community’s own need for social change and justice,” says Connell. “As a filmmaker, there are many issues that I am passionate about and I want to draw attention to.”

Connell’s award-winning film, “Small Voices: The Stories of Cambodia’s Children,” documents the struggles of the garbage dump children of Phnom Penh, and her forthcoming film, “Forget Us Not,” brings to light the persecution and death of the 5 million non-Jewish victims of the Nazi Holocaust. Both films focus on untold stories and help people emerge from the shadows of history.

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