Getting personal with Girlyman’s Ty Greenstein

Ty Greenstein of Girlyman

Ty Greenstein of Girlyman


If you’re a fan of folk-pop group Girlyman, odds are you know some of their back-story. Doris Muramatsu and Tylan “Ty” Greenstein have played together since college, various members have been romantically linked and the whole band lived together in a tiny Brooklyn apartment before relocating en masse to Atlanta. Now however, the close-knit group is on hiatus, or as their website puts it, “taking some time to catch our breath.” In the interim, Ty, who now goes by Tylan has moved cross-country, undergone a break-up and is releasing a solo album. caught up with her to discuss Girlyman’s relationship to its fans, advice she received from Indigo Girl Amy Ray and the benefits of uncertainty.

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