Gay celebrities: The public face of marriage equality

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi vacationing in Portofino Italy

So far, so good, Portia and Ellen.


As we celebrate the sweeping legalization of gay marriage, part of what we’re exalting is the freedom for gay couples to upend their laundry baskets in front of the world. For every well-behaved Portia and Ellen (knock wood), there’s well, Anne and Ellen. Certainly there have been bad heterosexual partners throughout celebrity history–Eddie Fisher and Elizabeth Taylor, for example, were the Brad and Angelina of their time, and let’s not forget Billy Crudup leaving a pregnant Mary-Louise Parker for Claire Danes. There have also been amazing long-term gay relationships, however unrecognized or uncelebrated by the straight world. But now that we are on the radar, should we worry that any instance of gay celebrity bad behavior will undermine the community’s hope of equality and acceptance?


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