From A to Zoe: Meet Zoe Amos

Zoe Amos ImageBY ZOE AMOS

Who is Zoe Amos?

Hi, my name is Zoe and I’ll be serving you today. For starters, we have a salad of mixed quirky friendships topped with a chilled dissertation on the latest political scene, followed by a steaming bowl of relationship soup. You may choose from several entrees–fiction, non-fiction, fictionalized truth–it’s all on the menu.

“From A to Zoe” is not merely a catchy iteration of my pen name, it’s an indication of what you’ll see in this space in the coming weeks and months. I’m moved by current events, friends, family, sex, career, health, money, LGBTQ issues, spirituality, travel, matters of the heart, in other words–life.

These are reflections on my world experience. Expect a mix of stories meant to entertain, inform, bring laughter, elicit compassion and make you think. In the process I may change names and details to protect unsuspecting friends who might otherwise guard their words and actions when we’re together. My stories and opinions may resonate with you or set you off. I’d rather be authentic than a pleaser, politically and observationally questionable, and above all, a raconteur of events, feelings and inner processes.

You may know my writing from the e-books I’ve published on Kindle and Nook, and from appearances in various romance and erotica anthologies, a few published under my given name, Janet Williams. Many of my stories take place in Southern California where I live, so you’ll see references to that area. I hope you’ll get to know me better by reading future posts.

Please join me on this blogging journey and tell me your perspective. I’m looking forward to reading your comments.

Zoe Amos brings her lesbian point of view to articles and stories on diverse topics. Connect with her on Facebook and Twitter. Read her stories on Kindle and Nook. Check out her other life at

6 Responses to “From A to Zoe: Meet Zoe Amos”

  1. Christine H

    We’re intrigued! Looking forward to your thoughts and stories, as well.

  2. Donna M.

    Great introduction! I want to mention that if these postings are anything like her books, get ready for some very good reading.

  3. Zoeysmom92081 (@Zoeysmom92081)

    Can’t wait to hear what you have to say. I know it will be witty, pithy and worthy of my time. 😉


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