‘Forbidden Love’ shares vital stories of lesbian lives


In Lynne Fernie and Aerlyn Weissman’s award-winning documentary “Forbidden Love: The unashamed stories of lesbian lives,” 10 enthralling women give you an intimate look into their lives in a time when laws did not support them and women who loved women were considered sick and perverse.

The women in this riveting film recall beatings, run-ins with the law, life in the closet and more.

These brave women hold nothing back while telling their stories of gender roles, public displays of affection and raw emotions between women during an era when in America, everyone and everything but the white male was wrong. You fear for them as they revisit coming out, finding a sense of normalcy or even remaining in the closet.

The film also features excerpts from an interview with author Ann Bannon (author of “Beebo Brinker” and “Odd Girl Out”).

Although released in the United States in 1993, the film remains relevant, serving as a sort of collective autobiography for lesbians. Some accounts included in the film are over 50 years old, but I’m sure lesbians in 2014 can relate to the cat calls, the homophobia and the comments from family members who urge lesbians to find a man.

The documentary could do without the side-fiction story. Detracting from the authenticity of the actual events being told by these women, the film nearly loses you in the end.

This GLAAD and Genie award recipient gives you a front row seat to prejudices, strength, courage and ignorance. No matter gay, straight, black or white, all humans want to be just that, human.

“Forbidden Love: The Unashamed Stories of Lesbian Lives” is not a lesbian story after all, it is a human one.

“Forbidden Love” is available on-demand at Lesbian.com.

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