Folk-pop musician Rachel Sage

Rachel Sage

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“I’m more apt to just let it go. I’m less desperate to be perfect,” says Rachael Sage while reflecting on her longtime music career. “Maybe that’s just a sign of getting older,” she teases. But with age, comes true beauty and fortitude for this Jill of all trades, who’s taken to the stage with the likes of Sarah McLachlan and Judy Collins. She is a trained dancer, actor, a poet and a visual artist, as well as a record label owner, producer and one empowering singer and songwriter. She recently released her tenth studio album, a milestone for anyone in the biz, but for Sage, a swinging door of transition, and after an amicable breakup, her spiritual journey back to square one.

Much like when Sage first started writing music as a teen, her latest album, Haunted By You is a passionate hunt for self-expression. “I want unbridled passion in my work, my life, my friends, my creative adventures, and I don’t want to have to apologize for wanting any of that.” Where in the past, Sage relied on piano to guide her through her explorations in music, she picked up guitar for this album, a decision she says helped her become more honest. And in many ways, Haunted By You is not only a striking reaffirmation of the groundwork in Sage’s life, but a reminder that our self-work is never complete.

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