Focus on the Family objects to California bill that would train foster parents on LGBT youth

Focus on the Family opposes LGBT youth training for foster parentsBY ZACK FORD

A bill advancing in the California legislature (AB-1856) would require anyone participating in the state’s foster care system to receive training “instruction on cultural competency and sensitivity relating to, and best practices for, providing adequate care” to LGBT youth. Family rejection is largely responsible for the epidemic of LGBT youth homelessness, and preparing foster parents to accept and support the young people they are charged to protect ensures that those kids don’t lose another home or experience abuse.

Focus on the Family is concerned that the bill will “drive Christian couples away” from becoming foster parents. The organization sought comment from anti-gay author Dale O’Leary, who believes that being gay is just confusion from being sexually abused as a child — and also apparently that all foster kids have been somehow “seriously damaged.”


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