Fast 5 with singer Jen Foster


Fresh off her sexy, successful PSA for marriage equality, Nashville singer-songwriter Jen Foster tackles our Fast 5, sharing her love of late nights, carbs and Nicole Conn.

1. Early bird or night owl?

I’ve always been a night owl, but working these days on becoming an early bird. I feel better and am more productive when I go to bed earlier and wake up earlier. In the transition, I think I’m actually both right now. So I’m not sleeping as much as I’d like to.

2. What’s your favorite home-cooked meal?

When you say “home-cooked” I think of good Southern home cooking like I grew up eating, and I don’t cook that way at home for myself. I eat like a bird throughout the day (well, a bird who drinks coffee, too) and I usually go out for dinner and have a heartier meal then. There’s a “meat-and-3” (Southern term for a restaurant that serves good home-cookin’) here in Nashville called Rotier’s that reminds me a lot of my Mom’s cooking. I love to get the vegetable plate with hashbrown casserole, baked squash, green beans and sliced tomatoes with ranch dressing — with the best rolls ever with grape jelly and butter. And a Mexican Coke.

3. If you could have one super power, what would you want it to be and why?

A super-power metabolism so I could eat at Rotier’s every night and not suffer for it.

4. What would be your best piece of relationship advice?

Well, I’m single, so my advice may not be the best on that subject. But seriously, I’m single by choice right now so that I can work on my own personal growth. I really do believe that cliche: You have to learn to love yourself before you can truly love another. I think that’s pretty good advice, even though it’s not an original thought.

5. What’s the last movie you went to the theater to see?

“The Wolf of Wall Street,” but I should really use this opportunity to promote my dear friend, Nicole Conn so let’s go with her brilliant film, “A Perfect Ending” which really should be in the freaking theaters.

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