Fast 5 with comedian Shann Carr


Shann Carr is a stand-up comedian and the Executive Producer of The Moxie Studios Inc., a visionary company hoping to build a home for the burgeoning industry of gay entertainment production in Palm Springs, Calif.

Carr has been performing exclusively for gay and lesbian audiences for over 26 years and has a storytelling style that makes you feel like you’re sitting in your living room with an eccentric friend who has your whole dinner party in stitches.

We recently trapped Carr in our Fast 5 web and extracted these responses.

1. Finish this sentence: “I think the key to being happy is…”

Deciding to be happy. It is pretty simple most of the time.

2. If you had to give up one of the following for an entire year, which would you choose to live without: cell phone, television, hair products or chocolate?

My ass would appreciate it if I would abstain from chocolate!

3. What’s the maximum number of cats you’d feel comfortable owning before worrying that the neighbors were starting to whisper, “There goes the cat lady.”

I am super allergic to cats so, finding out that a woman has even one cat makes me sad since it means I’ll have to like her from afar.

4. Early bird or night owl?

I am highly irregular. I love being both but usually not on the same day or week. I didn’t discover the wonders of being an early bird until quite later in life.

5. What’s your favorite home-cooked meal?

My own red sauce and pasta with goat chevre, Kalamata olives, mushrooms and sausage. But that is only my favorite because Nutella on spaghetti seems ridiculous! Great now I’m hungry.

For more on Carr, visit her website and be sure to find her on Twitter and Facebook.

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