‘Everyone is Gay’: Advice for LGBTQ youth

Everyone is Gay

Owens-Reid, left, and Russo of “Everyone is Gay.”


Everyone is Gay, an advice website for LGBT youth and allies. Since 2010, website co-founders Kristin Russo and Dannielle Owens-Reid have been edutaining youth with spunky Q&A; they address typical matters–from coming out to getting down with your lady–with plentiful of cheeky humor. Their practice has since evolved into a full-fledged organization whose activities include campy lip-sync vids, SXSW presentations and nationwide visits to high school and college campuses.

With its humor, honesty and kindness, Everyone is Gay has attracted a large following. In truth, Russo and Owens-Reid named the website after the first funny thing that came to mind. However, the meaning of “Everyone is Gay grew in significance as youth began sharing emotionally difficult or violent experiences. When asked about the name nowadays, Russo says: “Let’s say, ‘Everyone is gay.’ Let’s say, ‘Everyone is trans. Everyone is bi.’ Take [sexuality and gender] out of the question and what you’re left with is this seeking after your parents’ approval. Wanting your friends to understand you. These very essential emotions that we can all understand regardless of our identity.”

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