Test @ Philadelphia QFest

Test @ Philadelphia QFest

July 12, 2013 - July 23, 2013, All Day
(all times are local to the event)
Philadelphia QFest / Baltimore QFest

Frankie, the newest and youngest member of an exciting contemporary dance company, lives in fear and dread. At work he’s mocked by the choreographer and told to “dance like a man.” Outside of work the city offers no relief: a newspaper headline asks “Should Gays Be Quarantined?” and fresh graffiti screams “AIDS Faggot Die!” The year is 1985, the place San Francisco, and the epidemic has just begun. With his bright yellow Walkman clipped on his belt, Frankie retreats into a music-filled trance.

When one of the dancers is injured Frankie must perform in his place. Todd, an established dancer in the same company and the bad boy to Frankie’s innocent, helps Frankie prepare. It’s the classic test of skill and character. But a very different test looms on the horizon for both of them. As Frankie and Todd’s friendship deepens, they navigate a world full of deadly risk that is also, now and then, full of hope.

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