Epic fail: Croatian anti-gay marriage campaign uses song by mostly queer band

The xx (Photo: Aliya Naumoff)

The xx (Photo: Aliya Naumoff)


“In the Name of the Family,” a Croatian group backed by the Catholic Church, used the xx’s song “Intro” in their nationwide commercial calling for a ban on gay marriage, committing quite the faux pas, considering that two of the band’s members are openly queer. The campaign clip promoting a “Yes” vote on the referendum, which featured the xx, has been removed in light of the absurdity of using gay musicians’ work to promote anti-gay legislation, and the group will soon decide whether to sue the campaign organizers over illegal use of their music.

“Obviously the band are completely at odds with what the movement stands for and want to take appropriate action,” said a letter written to members of the Croatian Parliament from a representative for the xx.

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