Ellen reveals she was inspiration for ‘Miss Congeniality’

No dress here!

No dress here!

BY Huffington Post Gay Voices

The writers of the 2000 hit comedy “Miss Congeniality” received inspiration for the Sandra Bullock flick from an unusual place: Ellen DeGeneres. The Oscar host revealed in a new interview with Parade that her attempt to waltz around in a dress and heels prompted the tale of Gracie Hart, the FBI agent who goes undercover at a beauty pageant to stifle a bomb threat.

“’Miss Congeniality’ was written based on me,” DeGeneres said. “When I was getting ready to co-host the Emmys, the writer saw me [on TV] learning how to walk in a dress and heels. My stylist at the time — a man — was teaching me, and it was hilarious. The ‘Miss Congeniality’ writer saw it and thought it was brilliant.”

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