Diet, exercise, sleep key to managing stress

No stress symbolBY KEVIN M. NORRIS
Washington Blade

I had not exercised in more than two weeks, was eating tons of sugar, not sleeping well, clenching my jaw, had muscle aches, talking less and thinking way too much. I felt as if the walls were closing in and that I was suffocating.

Life had not necessarily thrown me any curve balls that I had not dealt with in the past, but how I was reacting to these stressors had changed. I was simply not taking care of myself and was too busy trying to take care of everyone else and it was taking a toll on me. I was stressed to the max!

Stress is a fact of life and cannot be avoided. However, I believe that managing stress and self care works better than a reactive, “Oh-no — what-can-I-do-now” approach. A proactive approach to managing stress can make a huge difference. I think all too often we let stress build and it can rear its ugly head in physical manifestations, just as it has for me these last couple weeks.

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