‘Design Sponge’ founder Grace Bonney comes out

Design Sponge's Grace Bonney

Design Sponge’s Grace Bonney (Photo: Peter Yang)

Huffington Post Gay Voices

Grace Bonney is one of the best-known stars of the crowded design blogosphere. Through her gorgeous blog Design Sponge and possibly more gorgeous book, she single-handedly convinced the world that DIY design can be stylish and beautiful. She’s an advisor to small businesswomen, a preservationist and has been featured and profiled in too many publications to count. And as she revealed in a blog post on June 10th, Bonney is also gay.

In the blog post, titled “A Personal Note,” Bonney, who was once married to marketing strategist Aaron Coles, went on to explain why she decided to come out now, the day after her 32nd birthday. “I’ve done my best to be as open and honest myself as I can,” she wrote, “But for a long time I’ve struggled with holding a part of myself back. And that’s made me feel disconnected and not as close to the community of people I love and admire as I would like. So today I wanted to take a moment to proudly share with you the full story of who I am.”

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