Department store ad campaign called ‘inappropriate,’ ‘too lesbian’

Harvey Nichols "Love Thyself"

Another image from the Harvey Nichols “Love Thyself” ad campaign.


Department store Harvey Nichols put out an advertisement campaign that has garnered controversy for depicting what looks like two women kissing. Three posters were displayed in the Liverpool store with the phrase “Love Thyself” with an image of a woman kissing herself in a mirror-like image. Britain’s Advertising Standards Authority’s (ASA) reported that they received complaints that the images were inappropriate and shouldn’t be seen by children.

Although the department store claimed it was not a lesbian-implied kiss, it stated it would be discriminatory if the ad were to be banned even if it did have a homosexual undertone, stating, “several mainstream prime-time television programs now incorporated both heterosexual and homosexual characters into their storylines,” and that the advertising industry should be similarly promoting equality.


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  1. Emma Hamer

    Just goes to show how “invisible” real lesbians are, that anyone would mistake these photographs for a portrayal of “two lesbians kissing”.


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