Dana Brenklin reviews ‘A Perfect Ending’


Clark and Niven


‘A Perfect Ending’ is director Nicole Conn’s steamy love story starring Barbara Niven and Jessica Clark. Niven plays Rebecca, the perfect wife in a wealthy family. But Rebecca has secrets that are unleashed through her encounters with a beautiful and talented escort, Paris (Clark). The film is artistically shot, raw, romantic and sometimes mysterious. Love and passion know no boundaries.

L.A. radio personality Dana Brenklin recently interviewed Nicole Conn and had this to say about the film:

Dana Brenklin

The face behind the voice: Interviewer and reviewer Dana Brenklin

“A love story unlike any other love story! Never have I seen such a film, with such raw emotions, raw videography and so authentic in its performances. When you think about it, what other way can you tell a love story? Although it’s not your typical romance, it’s a love story all the same. Barbara Niven soars in ‘A Perfect Ending.’ Fans of hers, fans of love, fans of movies have been waiting for a movie with such genuine material, such natural acting and palpable performances ultimately given by leading ladies Barbara Niven and Jessica Clark. Nicole Conn has created a masterpiece with this movie and no two actresses could have played this part but the two who did.

“Nicole said she waited over 25 years to cast Barbara, and this was it: the part Barbara was born to play, and Jessica to play opposite. The perfect ending for two friends looking for an avenue to create together.”

Dana Brenklin is a Los Angeles based radio personality, award-winning poet and musician. Her radio show, “The Dana Brenklin Radio Show,” airs Thursdays at 9am pacific on kclaFM.com. Find out more at DanaBrenklin.com or listen To Dana’s shows on demand.

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