Congrats bisexuals: You’re no longer a dirty word

Parade participants carrying a large bisexuals bannerBY STEVE WILLIAMS

Google has received much praise from the LGBT community for the way it treats its LGBT workers and its Legalize Love campaign that aims to tackle anti-homosexuality laws around the world. However, while Google has certainly been at the leading edge of LGBT advocacy, for one group under that umbrella — bisexuals — there has been a sticking point: that the term bisexual was treated as a dirty word by the Google search engine.

Since late 2009 Google has classified the term “bisexual” as being primarily used for finding adult content, and as such deprioratized the term, meaning that its auto-suggest feature would not bring up phrases relating to bisexuality, including content such as bisexual support groups. This meant that while the content was still searchable through Google, it was not as easy to find as gay advice websites or lesbian support groups.


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