Confronting media misogyny through #edgyheadlines

female_symbolBY KRISTINA CHEW

Mitt Romney launched a thousand binders full of women responses after his “celebrated” comment. But Republican politicians of a certain ilk don’t have a monopoly on sexist language. Mulling over the constant presence of misogyny in media headlines, @KateHarding and @Sweet Machine concluded “we need a hashtag” and before you know it, and right on the heels of #safetytipsforladies, another trending Twitter topic to “invent more provocative questions about an entire gender” was born.

Some of the best of #edgyheadlines:

@KateHarding: ICYMI Are men fit to lead? Can men have it all? Are men too competitive with each other? Are men their own worst enemies? #edgyheadlines

@Alyson Miers: THE SHE-CESSION: How men’s expansion in the workforce is taking jobs from women. #edgyheadlines

@vexorian: Is male liberation causing women to lose femininity? #edgyheadlines


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