Chatting up Nicole Pacent


When she first became involved in the web series Anyone But Me in 2008, Nicole Pacent hoped it would help launch her career and further connect her to a community to which she belonged — the LGBT community. Now that the charming, pioneering series has wrapped, it has delivered this and more to Pacent, who is an eloquent and inspiring bisexual actor. I caught up with Pacent after she finished her routine yoga stretches and before she left for a promotional tour of Anyone But Me in London to reflect on what the series has given to her, and to fans around the world.

Four and a half years in a web series. That’s a big commitment.

The series is over. I don’t see it being resurrected, we did a big series finale, not to mention that we’re all not able to play those ages for very much longer, to be honest. Unless it got optioned for television, and if it did they would cast it younger…

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