‘Breaking Fat’: Episode 1

**WARNING! Not intended for viewers under 18**

“Breaking Fat” is a new web series — and in the first few moments of the series, there’s an appearance by lesbian favorite, Jill Bennett!

Synopsis provided by “Breaking Fat” YouTube channel:

“Becca (Katherine Vanderlinden), Kibblets (Lindsay Hollister) and Sunshine (Rakafet Abergel) are squatters at Becca’s parents house. Blame the economy. Blame their parenting. Blame the meth addiction. When obtaining the drug becomes increasingly more difficult, every seller assumes they are undercover cops, the girls come up with the brilliant idea to cut out the middle man. Turning to the penny saver, they procure someone to cook the drug for them. Enter a brillant, yet quirky, gentleman who goes by the street name “Hindenburg” (Brian Houtz). As they descend into the jiggly dark underbelly of the drug world, they soon find themselves faced with the hard reality of prison after two hardcore, not by the book, detectives bust their dealings.”

Also Starring:
Sarah Hagan, Hutch Dano, David Krumholtz and Jill Bennett.

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