“Bloomington” is a coming-of-age drama about Jackie Kirk, a Sci-Fi child star. Hoping to find independence from her overbearing mother, Jackie flees California for the MidWest for college. Surprisingly, she doesn’t fit in with her peers, who consistently remind her of her celebrity status. At a department mixer, Jackie is instantly attracted to Catherine, a young professor with a reputation. Both being outsiders, they develop an intense bond as they pursue a secret affair.

“Bloomington” stars Allison McAtee (“Iron Man,” “CSI” and “Ugly Betty”), Sarah Stouffer (“Slacker PI” and “Faces of Beautiful You”) and Katherine McGregor (“The West Wing,” “Bones”).

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  1. Jeila Poo


    I would like to watch Bloomington, but i can’t seem to find the option to watch the full movie only Trailer is available.
    Pls advise.



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