Are you a good candidate for hypnosis?

Lemon sliced in halfBY JAN LEE
certified hypnotist and nurse
Jan Lee Hypnosis

Hi! I’m back with more fascinating chatter about hypnosis. What could you expect if you were about to be hypnotized? Let’s pretend you are seeing me for hypnosis.

First, I would have discussed hypnosis with you (probably by phone) before the session to clarify what it is, demystify it and extol its benefits.

I would begin our session by getting to know who you are and what your issues are. It matters that you are comfortable with me, have some basic trust and believe hypnosis will work.

When you believe in it, you increase the likelihood of success.

I would do suggestibility testing to help me assess how receptive you are and how best to hypnotize you. Don’t get freaked out by the word “testing.” This is not a pass-fail thing. It’s simply a way to know what induction method best suits you. Induction is the process of accessing your deeper mind (subconscious).

(Read all the instructions first and then follow them)

  1. Close your eyes (unless you’re driving, piloting a plane, operating a forklift or a chainsaw).
  2. Imagine a lemon on a cutting board in front of you. It’s bright yellow with thick skin. See
    yourself slicing it into wedges. The juice is running onto the cutting board. The citrus scent is strong!
  3. Imagine, that you pick up one of the wedges and bring it close to your nose. Isn’t that smell refreshing?
  4. Now, bite into that wedge. Uh, it’s so sour. The juice runs over your tongue and teeth. It makes you cringe.
  5. Open your eyes.Do you notice you are salivating?Even a small amount means you are reacting physiologically to your thoughts. The lemon is not real, yet your mind is so powerful and causes a change in you, a reaction.

    Most people salivate. If you don’t, try again.

    Relax, close your eyes and use your great imagination. Let go. When you really let go and use your imagination, you will salivate.

    This is one of many suggestibility tests to see how receptive a client is.

    After I test you, I’d begin the actual induction.

    It goes something like this: “Get comfortable. Relax. It would be better if your legs are uncrossed and your feet are flat on the floor. Put your hands on your lap. Take a deep breath. This is your time. No one needs or wants anything from you. Let go. That’s right just let go.

    Check out my next article. I’ll talk more on induction, what you may experience while hypnotized and after (everyone is different) and how hypnosis will help you.

    Until next time, relax and focus.

    Jan Lee is a certified hypnotist through the National Guild of Hypnotists. She is also a psychiatric nurse with over 25 years of experience. Jan Lee Hypnosis offers individual and group hypnosis sessions and presentations. It was founded on the principle that health improves when we use our own innate ability to heal.

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