A sorority without lesbians at Smith?

A sorority at the University of Colorado at Boulder

A sorority at CU Boulder.


When I first read this article about the straight girl at Smith College who circulated an email to her friends in an attempt to set up a “straights only” sorority my first instinct was to do a whole post about all the awesome ladies who would be in a lesbian and bisexual only sorority. But while I was patting myself on the back for being so very clever I had a wave of empathy wash over me.  I know, it was shocking for me, too. This woman, whoever she may be, is living a reality with which most of us should be able to empathize. It’s pretty terrible to live in a world where you feel marginalized, pushed aside, surrounded by people who make you feel wrong or weird. This woman may have, for the first time in her life, discovered what I felt basically from the time I was a little kid. Doesn’t that suck? Doesn’t it feel terrible to not have a place to fit?

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