5 ways to protect yourself from cranky co-workers

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You all know her. She is the most difficult manager in the office. She is self-centered, unhappy in her personal life and impossible to please. You also all know him. You love him, but sometimes his inability to get to the dry-cleaner on time or control his emotions when his team looses drives you crazy. What do you do when confronted with a moody colleague, client or loved one?

There is no balm we can apply to guard against unpleasant moods of those we interact with — by choice or necessity — on a daily basis. But, there are some things we can do to manage how others’ sour moods impact our state of mind.

As a consultant, it is my job to soothe clients and help them wade through whatever muck has hit the fan on any given day. It is also my job to remain calm and offer strategic recommendations on how to fix challenging situations.

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