10 things never to say to a bisexual person

Bisexual Awareness WeekBY NATASIA LANGFELDER

It’s Bisexual Awareness Week! Why do we need bisexual awareness? If your reaction to that questions is, ‘ugh bisexuals,’ then congrats! You’re the reason this week was invented. Bisexuals face biphobia from both the queer and heterosexual community. Ask any bisexual person whether they feel accepted by the LGBT community and the answer is bound to be long and complicated. Words hurt and lead to bisexual erasure. The LGBT community really needs to band together and support our B’s. This is a list of things that you might already know you shouldn’t say to a bisexual person. Nope, not even when you’re “just kidding.”

1. I don’t have a problem with bisexual people, but I wouldn’t date one.

2. Does that mean you will cheat on everyone because you can’t be satisfied with one gender?

3. I don’t think bisexuality exists.

4. Wait, which do you like more: men or women?

5. You’re just bi because it’s cool now.

6. Pick a side.

7. Bisexual people can’t be monogamous because they can’t make up their minds.

8. Bisexual people always end up in hetero relationships.

9. Bisexuality is just a stop on the train to Gay Town.

10. You’re in a straight relationship right now, so you’re straight now.

Look at these statements and soak in how invasive and rude they are. All of your bisexual friends (and exes) have probably encountered people who’ve said this to them. So do your part by being supportive of your bisexual friends and calling out biphobia next time one of your friends starts hating. Anything you would add to this list? Let us know in the comments.

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